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Smart Energy

More reasons to halt UK Smart Meters

Surprise – You can’t trust energy suppliers to do anything.

Smart Meter Update

The UK energy policy is now officially RUDDerless…

Squirrels, Grid Security and a Stuffed Rudd

How taxidermy might save the grid.
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Smart Power, Smart Meters and Smart Batteries

It’s time to break the protection racket of consumer savings.
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UK Parliament calls for Evidence on Smart Metering Programme

DECC – Doggy paddling in the shallow end of the evidence pool…

GB Smart Meters Delayed Again. Again.

Or why civil servants never learn from history…

Use More Energy. Towards a UK Energy Policy

Don’t save energy – demand more.

Why is DECC more secretive than the MoD?

Will keeping everyone in the dark help keep the lights on?

Pressure grows to stop GB Smart Metering

Ask your MP about the value of smart meters.

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