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Download “The Market for Smart Wearables” The-Market-for-Smart-Wearables2.pdf – Downloaded 4949 times – 1 MB

The consumer electronics industry has convinced itself that wearable technology will be the next big thing, with analysts predicting a market worth over $30 billion by 2020.  That belief is driven by a desperate need for major companies to find something to follow on from laptops, tablets and PCs all of which are being commoditised.

The problem is that their model for wearable technology is built around technology push, trying to shape their technology to fit consumers.  It is a strategy that is likely to fail, as wearable technology is more, rather than less, personal.  This presentation is an overview of my recent report which takes the contrary viewpoint, building the market opportunity from known consumer behaviour and preferences.  It suggests the market will still reach $30 billion in 2020, but with a very different mix of products being made by some very different companies.

Presented at the Cambridge Wireless “Wearables – the Internet of Us” and the Wearables London Meetup.



Download “Wearables - Novelty or Neccessity” Wearables-Novelty-or-Necessity.ppt – Downloaded 991 times – 4 MB

Wearables are the new, hot technology that everyone is talking about. With the excitement disappearing from laptops, tablets and smartphones, wearable technology offers the next step for connected devices and big data. This presentation looks at the state of the market, what companies need to think about as they develop their business models and the technology behind wearables.

Presented at the Wearable Technology Conference, Munich, Jan 2014


Download “Making mHealth Work - finding a business model” mHealth-models.ppt – Downloaded 1003 times – 5 MB

There’s plenty of talk about mobile health, but few successful businesses.  To succeed, models need to be far more disruptive, going outside the industry box to develop their  models.  This presentation, given at Medica 2010, explains why and how.

Presented at Medica and the O2 Campus Party

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I hope that's about to change, as the demands of healthcare, energy and transport apply pressure to use wireless more intelligently for consumer health devices, smart metering and telematics. These are my views on the subject - please let me know yours.

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