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Posh Boys push Smart Meters

UK Consumers question the benefit of smart meters.

Switching and the Smart Energy Market

Don’t save – Switch. That’s the Government message.

A UK Roadmap for Smart Metering HANs

Searching for the Holy Grail of wireless…

The new dumb smart meter model from PG&E

It’s one way to solve interoperability…

Smart Home Standards go wild at Amsterdam

It was beast eat beast in Amsterdam, as all of the Smart Metering Wireless standards bared their teeth…

Energy Addiction – Changing Consumer Behaviour

Utilities need to discover the smart energy equivalent of a nicotine patch.

Smart Energy Profile 2.0 – a case of too much PAP?

More PAP – just what the industry needs…

Smart Meters and IP – an Inconvenient Truth

Is Smart Energy Profile 2.0 the Holy Grail for smart metering, or a never ending pilgrimage of delay and disillusion?

Smart Appliances – a Dangerous Distraction for Smart Energy

Are appliance vendors hijacking the smart energy industry to cover up their poor performance?

GE – The Appliance of Ignorance

GE demonstrates that some of the players in the Smart Energy industry still have a lot to learn…

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