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Will Google kill ZigBee?

Android@Home is being described as a ZigBee killer. But are Bluetooth and Wi-Fi any safer?

Patent Trolls anticipate Smart Metering Bonanza

If countries make the wrong choice of wireless standard, it could signal pay day for the patent trolls…

Medica goes Wireless

You may not be able to see wireless, but it was very much in evidence at the Medica show last week.

Bluetooth Low Energy rides the Wave at Electronica

It took time coming, but in Munich last week, Bluetooth low energy had definitely arrived.

Ten Wireless Standards, Sitting on the Wall…

And if one wireless standard should accidentally fall… (Although in the Smart Energy world they’re at greater risk of being pushed.)

RF4CE – The wireless remote control that keeps coming back

The Japanese retailers counted them all out. And now they’re counting them all coming back again…

Presence – the new location

It’s not enought to know where you are, it’s how you interact with your location…

ANT runs scared as Bluetooth low energy appears

Watch out – the big blue ANT eater is coming to some sports equipment near you …

Bluetooth low energy – aiming for the trillions

It’s the start of everything around you being able to tell you something. We really are about to create the Internet of Things…

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I hope that's about to change, as the demands of healthcare, energy and transport apply pressure to use wireless more intelligently for consumer health devices, smart metering and telematics. These are my views on the subject - please let me know yours.

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