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The Battle for Mesh. Bluetooth vs Thread?

Bluetooth and Thread – wireless friends in adversity?

FCC and OFCOM plans threaten the Internet of Things

Government agencies could cost investors and consumers trillions of dollars…

Is Google and Nest’s Thread a ZigBee Killer?

ZigBee may soon start looking a bit Threadbare…

Smart Metering is FCUKED

Meter, meter on the wall, who is the dumbest of you all?

Zombie Wireless Standards

In wireless, it’s survival of the biggest…

UK Smart Metering Plan Delayed

All bets off for 2020…

Choosing a Wireless Standard

Has passion vanished from wireless standards groups?

The End of the One Trick Wireless Pony. Or is it?

And then there were none. It’s wireless chip acquisition time again…

Posh Boys push Smart Meters

UK Consumers question the benefit of smart meters.

The Cost of Wireless Standards

Putting a price on something you can’t see…

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Creative Connectivity is Nick Hunn's blog on aspects and applications of wireless connectivity. Having worked with wireless for over twenty years I've seen the best and worst of it and despair at how little of its potential is exploited.

I hope that's about to change, as the demands of healthcare, energy and transport apply pressure to use wireless more intelligently for consumer health devices, smart metering and telematics. These are my views on the subject - please let me know yours.

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