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Will NanoAPs and HomePlug kill the Femtocell?

At least one network operator is looking at miniature Wi-Fi access points linked with HomePlug networks as an alternative to Femtocells. It’s a much cheaper approach; do the Femtocell cheerleaders need to start worrying?

Glow in the dark Yoghurt – it’s the future for Science.

Home science is having a renaissance. Despite paranoia from politicians and the media, it may be just what society needs.

It’s time for ITS to play its role. That’s official.

The EC has quietly unveiled an action plan that promises to break the logjam in deploying Intelligent Transport Systems.

Designing Consumer Medical Products

To design a compelling consumer medical device, it’s probably necessary to assume that a doctor will never use it.

2009 – The year of Bluetooth low energy

Bluetooth low energy has the potential to transform product design. 2009 is when it will arrive.

Are we nearly there yet?

2009 could be a crunch year for telematics. Has Daddy lost the map?

Horace Walpole and Serendipity

He gave us a word and his cat gave us a poem.

Virtual Hospitals – the NHS’ future

Is it time for medicine to move past its bricks and mortar incarnation?

Telecare Works

At the end of 2008, Aberdeenshire Council issued a report on its experience with telecare.  For anyone interested in this area, (and that should be a lot more than currently are showing interest), this is one of the best descriptions of the technology, the reality of deploying it and the resulting benefits that you’re likely […]

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