I have over twenty years experience of mobile and wireless communications and a further ten of product design.  In the course of that time I have been involved in starting and growing two companies – Grey Cell Systems and EZURiO, which were successfully acquired by TDK Corporation and Laird Technologies respectively.  I also spent four years as CTO of Onzo – a smarter than normal Smart Energy start-up, offering an Internet connected solution for energy management and insight with some stunning big data analytics.


My passion remains technology and its application, particularly with respect to employing wireless to make products and services easier to use.  As readers of the blog will know, key areas of interest for me are eHealth, especially in the development of consumer medical devices, Smart Energy, Machine to Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) applications and the emerging markets of Wearables and Hearables.


I am well known as an industry evangelist in these areas, as well as on the more general subject of wireless connectivity.  Since sending my first SMS message in 1993 and designing an 802.11 and a GSM data card two years later I’ve been actively promoting the use of these technologies beyond the obvious phone and PC centric ones.  Throughout that time I’ve been closely involved with standards organisations and industry bodies.  I’ve served as the Vice Chairman of the Mobile Data Association, promoting the role of mobile eHealth and also led a number of Bluetooth, ZigBee and Continua Working Groups.


An area of particular interest, which I want to use the blog to help promote and explore, is that of Internet Connected Devices.  We’re approaching the point where it’s becoming possible to design products that automatically connect to the Internet.  That may be to record data, as in the case of consumer healthcare and sports devices, for home monitoring, including smart energy meters and appliances, for general diagnostics and maintenance, or just for fun.  


This website provides my views on the future and application of technology.  I’m well known as an author and speak regularly at conferences on these subjects, and much of the content expands on what I’ve publicly written and said.  I’m not afraid to challenge the current opinion where I feel that change or disruption is necessary.  If you agree or disagree with my views, please let me know, or join the conversations at the end of each post.


I have recently written my first book – Essentials of Short Range wireless, to try and share that experience with any one who wants to add wireless connectivity to their products.  My intention is to explain the real issues that you’ll encounter and how to address them, rather than providing another dry rewriting of the standards. 



Policy on Comments

Please feel free to add comments if you agree, disagree, want to add corroborative detail, or have other question which you want to ask.  My aim is to raise issues, so the more debate the better.

However, I don’t believe debate includes blatant commercial promotion, so I will exercise the right to delete or edit any comment that I feel is primarily written for this purpose.  Please feel free to add valid links to any material or personal information that you think may be of interest to the site’s audience.


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  1. Not the product, but the longevity of the service. Long term service models for domestic infrastructure products constitutes a whole new field. It will be very interesting to see how they develop and whether they are sustainable.

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