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FDA – mHealth’s Angel or Demon?

The key to success in mHealth is not a brash lobbying for funds, but engagement with regulators like the FDA.

Where’s the Apps Store on the wired Internet?

Apple’s core strength isn’t the iPhone, it’s putting user experience ahead of technology…

UK Cameraphone users select Bluetooth as their top service

While the industry has been fixating about iPhones and App Stores, UK users have developed a love affair with Bluetooth…

Two nations divided by a common technology – the Mobile Conundrum

We use the same handsets, so why do we use them so differently?

Will App Stores castrate the Mobile Operators?

Everyone wants an App Store. For the Operators, is it just an attempt to bolt the stable door after the handset vendor has galloped off with the customer?

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Creative Connectivity is Nick Hunn's blog on aspects and applications of wireless connectivity. Having worked with wireless for over twenty years I've seen the best and worst of it and despair at how little of its potential is exploited.

I hope that's about to change, as the demands of healthcare, energy and transport apply pressure to use wireless more intelligently for consumer health devices, smart metering and telematics. These are my views on the subject - please let me know yours.

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