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Hack me – I’m Hackney

Is it just because it starts with Hack?

Tom Lehrer Revisited – My Lockdown

Covid19 seems to provide a great opporrtunity for revisiting Tom Lehrer’s songs…

Don’t let your Children do a Startup, Mrs Worthington…

What sort of startups do we really need?

Trident – is Theresa May a better deterrent?

I can see a Trident sub. So can everyone else…

Brexit – a Tragedy of Shakespearean Proportions

Forgive us, for we know not what we do.

I come to praise Arduino

Not to bury it…

I shall vote YES – the vote for Scottish Independence

The shallowness of the Scottish Independence debate

London. The Nexus of Big Data and Data Science

Telling the story of big data.

Rigoletto and the Automaton
(or Shaking up the NHS)

See no evil, Speak no evil, Hear no evil. Just keep turning the handle…

Sexy Cheese?

Or how to waste time with brand position lists…

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Creative Connectivity is Nick Hunn's blog on aspects and applications of wireless connectivity. Having worked with wireless for over twenty years I've seen the best and worst of it and despair at how little of its potential is exploited.

I hope that's about to change, as the demands of healthcare, energy and transport apply pressure to use wireless more intelligently for consumer health devices, smart metering and telematics. These are my views on the subject - please let me know yours.

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